Bio Signature

What is Bio Signature

This is a system created by world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin. After many years of experience in training his athletes he began to notice a correlation in his athletes hormone levels and the area’s in which they stored fat.

This to you and me means by taking 12 skin folds located at different sites over the body we can determine your hormonal profile. From this we can then develop a nutrition and supplement protocol aimed at sport reducing fat from those stubborn area’s.

Who is it for?

This system is for a number of people including those who had suddenly gained weight and not quite sure why. Those who have tried every diet on the planet and never seemed to get any results. The system works great for people trying to get exceptionally lean and just need the last piece in the puzzle.

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Rob (below) lost 2 stone and 8.5% Body Fat in 8 weeks through Bio Signature: