Client Stories

Hayley Cubley

Hayley lost over 2 stone and 13% body fat, along with getting some serious guns. All this following the 12 week body transformation program.

Pete Horgan

Pete lost over 2 stone in just 8 weeks following the 8 week body transformation program!


Sara Riozzi

Sarah lost over 3 stone and got her dream job as a professional dancer in 8 weeks following the 8 week body transformation program.

Chris  Milow  -  Completed 5k in record time

Mark was my personal trainer throughout my preparation for Wigan Rotary Club’s Run4ALife 5km event in September. I began my training around 7 weeks before the event, and although I didn’t class myself as unfit, I had never run that far in my life, and was a little apprehensive. Mark gave me a clear plan and targets, and most importantly for me (with limited time to physically attend the gym), exercises and goals to work on away from the gym.

Not only did I get physically fitter, Mark also gave me a better understanding of how my body was working to help me complete the run.

I completed the run in 28 minutes – and ran the whole lot!

 Tim Platt

Tim lost over 10% body and 18lbs following online nutrition program.

Steph  Danner  -  Lost 6 inches off waist in 12 weeks

I’d never done any training before apart from at school a long long time ago, I only joined the gym a week or so before enrolling Mark to help me sort myself out!  I was a little apprehensive on starting a training programme but Mark assured me that I could achieve my goals by changing my diet and created a fitness programme specific to what I wanted to achieve. I also knew Mark was contactable by phone, text or email if I was struggling with anything.

My overall goal was to lose weight, drop several dress sizes, tone up and increase my overall fitness.

At the end of the 12 week programme I have lost 1st 1lb, lost a total of 28.5cm (17cm from my waist alone) and dropped 2 dress sizes.  My fitness level has increased massively! Due to this my confidence has also increased as I no longer look in the mirror and see a fat person!
Also due to Mark I have given up smoking after 19 years, so cheers Mark for that.

 Danny Jackson

Danny got ripped in just 6 weeks following online nutrition program.


Louise  Steggals  -  Trained for iron man

Mark’s training has been a huge boost to my preparations for the 2011 UK “Ironman” triathlon.  He’s trained me for a few months now and his own experience as an athlete means he has a great understanding of sport-specific training and nutrition, as well as how to boost general health and fitness, which has proved invaluable.  The sessions always provide a challenge, are very enjoyable and I feel much stronger and focused than when I was training by myself.  I look forward to continuing to train with Mark as I head towards race day next summer.


Caroline  Smethurst  -  In the best shape of her life at 40+

I am in my mid forties and whilst I wasn’t overweight I didn’t feel confident about my body and would tend to cover it up as much as possible, in particular my arms were flabby and I would avoid wearing anything without sleeves. I lacked tone all over and developed cellulite.

I decided to take action and joined the gym in March 2009, I committed to going 3 times a week as I have a very busy work schedule, I trained alone using the equipment and started to see results but very slowly. Mark introduced himself to me and offered me a training session, I took up his offer then started to have one to one sessions every 2 weeks, I really started to see the results so I decided to sign up for an 8 week plan before my summer holiday. My training goal was to tone up and feel confident in my clothes again. Following the 8 week plan I went on holiday in August having dropped a dress size and confident in wearing all of my summer clothes and a bikini for the first time in a number of years what was even better is the cellulite had also gone!!

I am still having weekly sessions as you do get completely addicted to them and want to continue to tone up. You must be prepared to work very hard and to push yourself to limits you would never achieve by training alone. At the end of the sessions I feel a great sense of achievement and pride. Overall I have lost 5 inches off my waist. I receive complimentary comments all the time from my work colleagues as they cannot believe how much my body has changed in a short period of time. I could not have achieved this result on my own.

 Adam Finch

Adam got is abs after 6 weeks of following online nutrition program.

Ian  Withers  -  Improved posture and lost bodyfat

My wife trains with Mark and has done for some time now and was experiencing some fantastic results. When I retired from the Police I wanted to get fit again and have a stricter routine. When I began training with Mark I found my training and nutrition to become much more structured. In the past I had always neglected training my legs, but after explaining the importance of this Mark got me training legs regularly. I now feel much more energised, my body fat has dropped loads and my posture has improved drastically…. this was something I always struggled with being a tall bloke.


Collette  Hobson -

I started training with Mark at the gym about 12 months ago. I’d been a member of the gym for several years but wasn’t particularly focussed on any goals.Through his non-judgemental approach, Mark has encouraged me to set personal goals and targets and has helped to motivate me to achieve these

Mark is knowledgeable about nutrition and encourages his clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst being realistic about what is sustainable over a long period of time.

Mark is really enthusiastic about personal training and relates well to people from all age groups. I would recommend him to anybody who is struggling to achieve personal fitness and/or weight loss.