Personal Trainer based in Wigan, gym based personal training with NO GYM MEMBERSHIP or CONTRACT required. 100’s of clients have experienced amazing results over the last 6 years training with Mark Bohannon.

At MB fitness results are paramount, all clients are trained with the ethos of getting results fast. But also ensuring that the client is doing so safely. As well as helping our clients to achieve their goals, we also teach them how to live there life in the future in order to maintain the gains they achieve whilst training with us. After training with us all of our clients have a better understanding of how the body works in terms of training and in terms of the way it reacts to the food we eat. This then helps our clients to go away and live a much more healthy lifestyle with the body they desire, without having to change their living habits too much.

No one client ever has the same goals and objectives as another client, neither do they have the same ability in terms of strength, stamina and health. With our high level of skill we have the right techniques in order to train the client around their needs and ability in order to achieve their goals fast. This way we can train the most advance athlete to achieve their goals, along with training the least experience client to achieve their goals fast. To see some of our client stories click the button below.


Trainer Profile

Mark has been passionate about staying fit and healthy his entire life. As a youngster he played a wide

variety of sports including football, track sprinting, golf and most of all rugby in which he represented at a national level.

Taking his love of health and fitness into his work life Mark has been working in the fitness industry for 5 years now. Starting off as a fitness instructor in his local health club to now having a large portfolio of over a 100 past and present clients all achieving amazing results which can be seen on the testimonial page.

Having worked with a wide variety of clients from athlete’s at the top of their sports to average members of the public just wanting to shed a few pounds. Mark has developed a series of systems and protocols aimed at getting you your results in the fastest possible time.

Mark’s speciality lies in body transformations, helping people to change their body shape and appearance fast. Not only do all his clients look better they all feel much healthier, more energic and youthful.

Check out Mark’s own 2013 Body Transformation: