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Personal Training

Putting the personal into training
We offer personal training that caters for everyone. In the gym, at home or online. All of which we guarantee results.

Bio Signature

Know your body
This method of body fat testing was created by Charles Poliquin. From the test you will find out your hormonal profile, which we can then use to create a guaranteed plan to achieve your goal.


The most Important step
Nutrition is a major part in you achieving your health and fitness results. Learn more on how you can maximise you results from what you eat.


Learn with me
Read about the best ways to get in shape fast. Topics include nutrition, exercise, supplementation and many more. All wrote by the highly experienced Mark Bohannon.


At MB fitness results are paramount, all clients are trained with the ethos of getting results fast. But also ensuring that the client is doing so safely. As well as helping our clients to achieve their goals, we also teach them how to live there life in the future in order to maintain the gains they achieve whilst training with us. After training with us all of our clients have a better understanding of how the body works in terms of training and in terms of the way it reacts to the food we eat. This then helps our clients to go away and live a much more healthy lifestyle with the body they desire, without having to change their living habits too much.